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Welcome to Global Communications Team Resources!

I, like many of my colleagues, started into home businesses by becoming a member of an established multi-level marketing company. I struggled as most of us do as I fought the learning curve of technology, marketing, and proper sponsorship knowing the entire time that there had to be a better way to start an online business.

Through the years, I have been actively involved with dozens of online companies and finally started to notice a trend ... most online companies don't provide their members with a full set of tools required to be successful in their business.

Through trial and error, feedback from my peers and members and a few years of development, I am happy to bring GCT Resources to you as a tools package that you can apply to any online business you are currently operating. Our product line provides web sites, auto responders, tutorials, forums and live support. This full package of tools to get you up and running with successful prospecting and lead capturing comes at a low monthly price of $30.00 USD.

We also have a very powerful compensation plan focused on creating a cash flow from referrals as quickly as possible without sacrificing long term earning potential. Whether you refer a few to cover your product cost or are an active producer who concentrates on marketing GCT Resources as a business opportunity, our compensation plan has been carefully designed to accommodate everyone's needs.

I look forward to working with you personally ... see you inside.

Ben Davis, President
Global Communications Team Resources
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